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Black Bear

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I recently discovered your Black Bear roast at the Heritage House in Haliburton. Fabulous! Andrew, Peterborough Continue Reading

Granite Roast

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Hi,I LOVE your coffee!! After a strong recommendation from a friend, I bought a pound of Granite Roast: WOW! It is absolute perfection... just thought I'd tell ya'. Mike, Toronto  Continue Reading

Far From Home. But Not Alone.

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They say, when you lose one of your senses, the remaining become more acute. Truer words have never been uttered as I sit here with large Tibetan prayer wheels spinning lazily behind me and an almost medieval scene playing out before me - complete with wandering chickens, stray wild dogs, lumbering yaks and women in long, dresses & aprons and wearing colourful head coverings. In fact, the only luxury in this remote Western Sichuan village... Continue Reading