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Funding Criteria

Virtually all of our contributions are provided in the form of coffee rather than cash. Our experience is that this maximizes the fund-raising potential.

The following criteria are used by the Muskoka Roastery Coffee Company to determine which programs to approve for funding. Your application for funding must specifically cover each of these criteria.

  • Is the program based in our core region of Muskoka, Georgian Bay, Haliburton?
  • Our community efforts are primarily designed to help the less fortunate in our core region, through an organization or activity based in this region. At times we support programs that allow people from outside our core region to come and experience the area we call home...an example of that would be Cottage Dreams. Just booking an event in Muskoka for a charity based outside the region, for the benefit of people outside the region would not meet our criteria. 
  • Does your local community activity or organization share our focus on helping the less fortunate?
  • There are so many worthy causes and we can't support them all. Our primary community focus is on those in need and we have a strong bias toward programs for youth, particularly if the program provides them an opportunity to get out and develop a passion for our natural environment. Worthy causes like animal shelters or groups travelling to a foreign country to give aid would not meet this criteria.    
  • An application for support for a water or forest stewardship program must meet specific tests.
  • Does the program have clear and measurable deliverables with a defined timetable for completion (ideally <24 months)? Is it 100% focused on our core region? Will our involvement make a meaningful difference to the outcome?
  • Is there an identifiable program leader and a clear plan for how to maximize the impact of our contribution?
  • Turning a coffee donation into cash requires a plan. Our successes in the past have come from individuals and organizations who understand the value of our brand and the quality of our coffee, and who leverage that into meaningful fund-raising. A specific action plan is a prerequisite and we favour requests where the leader agrees to communicate the program status/outcome, including (where applicable) a testimonial and photos.

Applications for funding should be sent to this email address. Please ensure that your letter covers the criteria listed above so that we may give you a speedy and fact-based response.