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In 2012 we began supporting two new groups that align well with our mission.

Muskoka Conservancy

The foundation's mandate is to protect, conserve and nurture Muskoka's natural and cultural environment now and for future generations. We like that, and might accuse them of stealing from parts of our mission statement, were it not for the fact that they started in 1987.

The list of projects funded by the foundation is long and we invite you to visit their website to track along with the good work that they do. Examples include supporting the work of the Muskoka Heritage Trust, which holds over 1600 acres of ecologically sensitive land in trust, as well as the Muskoka Watershed Council, which champions watershed health in the region.

We love the work the Muskoka Conservancy is doing and are glad we can make a contribution.


Trails Youth Initiatives

This charity was started in 1992 with a mission to equip vulnerable youth with the skills they will need to become contributing members of their communities. Each year the program takes 10 boys and 10 girls from inner city schools and focuses on fun, learning and the outdoors.  It is a 4 year program, starting at age 12, dedicated to providing a chance for each participant to realize their true potential in a safe and supportive environment. The results speak for themselves: 95% of the participants complete the 4 year program and 76% of them go on to college or university versus only 24% of their school peers.

A great organization, pursuing a great mission.