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In 2012 we began supporting the Muskoka Conservancy. This relationship has since flourished into an important partnership we're extremely proud of. 

Muskoka Conservancy's mission is to protect and care for Muskoka's natural spaces. We like that, and might accuse them of stealing parts of our mission statement, were it not for the fact that their organization was founded in 1987.

Muskoka Conservancy currently protects almost 2,400 acres of property throughout the Muskoka region, including 416 acres of wetland and 36,000 feet of sensitive shoreline habitat.

The list of stewardship projects and community outreach initiatives that the Muskoka Conservancy is involved with is long, and we invite you to visit their website to track along with the work they do and find out how to get involved. Examples include the Little Sprouts Eco Club, the Native Plant Sale, and their Nature Quest program.

We love the work the Muskoka Conservancy is doing and are glad we can make a contribution to protecting natural spaces in Muskoka.