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This section provides a space for us to post the latest news and updates on upcoming events. It also gives you the chance to share your stories and ideas about coffee, or your interaction with the Muskoka Roastery.

We love hearing from you. If you have a story to tell or an idea to share, please contact us.

I'm sold!!!!!

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The Wolf Got Me!!! Brand new customer, as I strolled through the store looking for something a bit different and better than the big guys, I see a sick looking package with a wolf lol. I turn to my wife and tell her “ now babe, this will be a mans coffee, it’s got a wolf on it and it’s from Muskoka, can’t get more Canadian than that right” She gives me her usual “you’re an idiot look” but then I spot the Maple Leaf!!!! I’m a sucker for pat... Continue Reading

Excellent Cup of Coffee

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I received my first bag of Loon Call for Christmas, the best coffee I have ever brewed at home, the amazing taste has become my favorite treat for the weekend. I keep it specifically for a time when I can sit and enjoy the amazing flavor and remember what an excellent cup of coffee is all about. Good job and I support Canadian products as we should! PS. I do share when my family come home for special events during the year, they live out of t... Continue Reading

Fast Service

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Thank you for such fast service. My husband and I LOVE your coffee and he is not even a regular coffee drinker! Laurie, London.  Continue Reading

I never do this but...

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Sooooo, I never do this but here goes. I love love love your coffee and packaging and pricing and well just everything. Bravo! Bravo! so well done. I am a coffee snob and drink only dark roast, black coffee. I never stray from my starbucks coffee and many have tried. Proudly I now announce to everyone oh no thanks I only drink Muskoka! Darlene - Dundas Continue Reading

Ethically Made in Canada

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Thanks again for the shirt!  I love the fabric and that it's ethically made in Canada.  As for the coffee, it's important to me that your company uses Rainforest certified beans, and I'm astonished that I no longer want to add milk to my java!  The flavours of the Aki and Loon Call are lovely: full yet smooth.   Kara - Orillia  Continue Reading

If you like Roastmaster's Holiday Blend...

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‘Tis the season for Roastmaster’s Holiday Blend and this year it went quicker than ever! Sadly, we are now sold out of this special limited edition roast. If Roastmaster’s Holiday Blend was a favourite of yours, may we suggest our Loon Call Breakfast Blend or Lumberjack roast to keep you warm and happy through these winter months. Continue Reading

Easy Brewing

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I am a huge coffee fan and have tried brands from all over the world. Seriously, yours is the best I have ever had and it is all we drink here now. I love the easy brewing and longevity of the brewed/perked coffee. The best part is, it is made right here in my little hometown. Congratulations on your success.  Pat, Huntsville.  Continue Reading

Exceptional Flavour

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 My wife just came back from Algonquin with a bag of Black Bear coffee. I have to say that the French press brings out the best of this roast, which may be the best coffee we've ever had! Exceptional flavor and texture!! Thank you for making such a fine product. B&L - Cooperstown, PA, USA Continue Reading

BEST Coffee

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I just wanted to let you know that you roast the BEST coffee. Black Bear is my all time favorite. Keep up the great work. Kellie, Vankleek Hill, ON. Continue Reading


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I just wanted to say I am a HUGE fan of your coffee. I grew up in Toronto and LOVE the Muskoka region. I visited a couple years ago and tried your coffee for the first time. Now anytime I go over to Canada I try to get some of your lovely beans so I can grind them at home. My sister recently came over to the UK and brought my 2lbs each of the Loon Call and Howling Wolf beans. As I type this I am having a cup of Howling Wolf, and it is superb!!... Continue Reading