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Black Bear, Lumberjack and Muskoka Maple are available in decaf.

There are plenty of ways to decaffeinate coffee. Some methods are classified as 'natural' and some use chemicals to separate the caffeine from the green coffee bean. We have sampled and tested all the alternatives over the years, and have gravitated to natural processes because that is what our followers demanded. Currently, all of our decaf products use the Swiss Water Process

We are often asked if there is a taste difference in the coffee, before and after the decaffeination process. While many advertisers would have you believe that the answer is NO, our truthful answer is YES...there is a taste compromise. Realistically, there are thousands of taste compounds in a coffee bean and it is not logical that the decaf process could remove all of the caffeine while leaving all the other compounds untouched.

So, what is our advice? Don't compromise on the quality of the decaf coffee you buy. We roast only speciality grade beans for use in our decaf and believe we offer 3 excellent taste options...one dark roast, one medium roast and one which is maple flavoured. Sure, our decaf costs a bit more than the mainstream options, but when you are faced with the reality of a decaf taste handicap, your best bet is to upgrade to offset that handicap. 

Great tasting, naturally decaffeinated coffee that is 100% certified. A nice combination!