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Lumberjack illutration

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A well balanced coffee with a striking flavour, clean acidity and a nice aroma; just right when you are deep in the bush, or just sitting on the dock.

The development of Muskoka was largely driven by the logging industry, spurred on by the first Canadian government, which sought to open up the region for immigration. Logging licenses were first issued in 1866 and the lumber industry very quickly clear cut huge tracts of the area. A positive impact was that road and water transportation routes were carved out, and the railroad was pushed north to service the industry, reaching Gravenhurst in 1875 and Bracebridge in 1885.

Needless to say, the life of a lumberjack was a hard one- itinerant, seasonal and dangerous. While the job has been modernized and mechanized, some of the colourful terms live on. A log flume is now most likely found in an amusement park, while the original skid row was actually a skid ‘road’, where harvested logs were skidded down hills.

Close to a century has passed since the last intensive logging in Muskoka, so when you visit you are unlikely to meet a lumberjack, but you most certainly will see majestic trees!

Lumberjack is the Favourite Coffee of : Patricia (president)