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This section provides a space for us to post the latest news and updates on upcoming events. It also gives you the chance to share your stories and ideas about coffee, or your interaction with the Muskoka Roastery.

We love hearing from you. If you have a story to tell or an idea to share, please contact us.

A Day Without Muskoka Maple...

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Allo, allo; today was the day. The much dreaded day I ran out of your delicious coffee that I received for Christmas. What would I DO!! My mornings would be forever dull and mopey and grey...Alas! The website says I can purchase this golden morning brightener at Foodland in Barrie!!! Hurray! We fought the elements today and made our way there, only to discover they do not stock the whole bean variety of Muskoka Maple. Deeeeep sigh. I sure... Continue Reading

Investing In Our Future

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This month, we were pleased to host an event at our new factory in Huntsville that was focused on growth, investment and opportunities for young graduates. Muskoka has not been immune to the economic challenges experienced by much of North America, with more factory and resort closings. Against that backdrop, the announcements made today were welcome news for many members of the community who joined us at the roastery.   Tony Clement, who ... Continue Reading

Visit Us At Longo's

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Visit our newest retail location at Longo's in Maple Leaf Square, in the heart of Toronto. . If you live or work close to the ACC, 100% certified, handcrafted coffee is now available right at your doorstep.  Continue Reading

Long Shopping Trip

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I first tasted your coffee when my son bought some for me as a gift. Since that day I haven't been able to drink any other coffee! I am spoiled. Now, I have to drive from Laval, Quebec to make sure I have that coffee all the time. But I don't mind. Thank you for making such a good product; my mornings have never been the same. Madeleine, Laval Continue Reading

Lumberjack To The Rescue

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Friends who were travelling in Muskoka brought us back a bag of your Lumberjack beans. We have NOT been able to make a bad cup of coffee from them. This is a first for us. Up to this point we have been seriously coffee-challenged. It's like waking up from a bad dream into the comfort of a sunlit breakfast nook. Thanks soooo much!!!! Brian, Toronto Continue Reading

New Stores On Stream

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There is one consistent theme we hear from you over the phone, on-line and in person at events..."can you please make Muskoka Roastery Coffee available in (insert town here) because I want to buy it close to home." We've been listening, and broadening our retail availability in Ontario is our number one priority. In the last month we have added 17 new stores in southern Ontario ranging from Bright's Grove to Kingston. And, we expect to add mo... Continue Reading

Don's Bakery Event

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It's been a busy summer and autumn for our Brand Activation Team. Our last scheduled event was held at Don's Bakery in Bala to coincide with the Bala Cranberry Festival on October 14/15. To say that the weather was inclement is a bit of an understatement, but it was warm and inviting inside with our friends from Don's.  Thanks to everyone (and there were literally thousands) who stopped by at one of our venues this year for some hand-crafted ... Continue Reading

Butter Pecan Hits The Mark

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I have to thank you for making Butter Pecan Coffee. I don't know whose idea it was but BLESS THEM!! I drank a whole pot this morning before I left the house. You guys really hit one out of the park with Butter Pecan; smooth, wonderful aroma, flavour is delicious and just the right amount -- not overpowering but present in every sip. I am a lifetime fan now! Greg, Toronto Continue Reading

Black Bear Loves Muskoka Maple

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Our regular routine is to measure out a pot of Muskoka Maple ground coffee in our coffee machine, ready to brew first thing in the morning. Imagine being woken from a sound sleep at 6 am by a loud bang as the screen covering the kitchen window smashed to the ground. When we ran to investigate, we saw the face of a large black bear, ready to climb in for his first cup of the day! We slid the window closed in his face, but he wasn't giving up t... Continue Reading